Bug Slayer

Decimate Flies and Other Pest Insects With Air Warriors Bug Slayer

Air Warriors, rejoice! We have a real treat for you as this bug blaster is built with the needs of the serious Bug Slayer in mind. Don’t be fooled by the pistol shape and size, this packs a punch to bugs! Once you master the art of Bug Slaying, you will want one of these for all your friends and family that are over 18 years of age.

Perfect for keeping insects at bay

Air Warriors Bug Slayer is the perfect tool for keeping them at bay! This powerful Bug Slayer blasts bugs with salt, making it easy to get rid of them for good, keeping your patio, deck, and outdoor areas clean and bug-free. Simply point the salt blaster at any bug you see, and they’ll be gone in no time. Get yourself a Bug Slayer today and say goodbye to those pesky nuisance bugs – once and for all!

  1. Flip up the salt tank cap
  2. Fill up the tank with table salt and close the tank cap
  3. Pull and push back the slide pump handle to load
  4. Manually unlock the safety switch to expose the red dot
  5. Aim at insects with a desirable distance of fewer than 36 inches
  6. Pull the trigger and blast out the table salt at high speed

You already have half the equipment at home!

If you can’t stand the sight of insects, there’s a simple solution that uses something you likely already have at home – table salt. Air Warriors Bug Slayer holds up to 150 shots of table salt and is the ultimate answer for getting rid of pesky bugs. Just load it up and start blasting – it’s that easy.

Safe to use

Our latest blaster features a carefully designed safety mechanism that ensures there are no accidental shots, making it extra safe to use. Plus, you don’t have to worry about chemicals or fumes. Whether you’re trying to blast bugs or simply want to practice your aim, you’ll love the thrill of Air Warriors Bug Slayer!

Air Warriors Bug Slayer is recommended for persons 18 years of age and older. To avoid injuries, never modify the blaster. The blaster is made of high-quality materials, tested for quality and safety, and designed for the longest blasts but should never be shot in the face.

Bug Slayer at a glance:

  • Pistol salt blaster
  • No batteries required
  • Safety for no accidental shots
  • No splatter salt blaster to rid yourself of flies and bugs
  • One load holds 150 shots of table salt
  • Ages 18+
  • Adults only

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