EZ Fire Blaster

Air Warriors EZ Fire Blaster

Unleash your inner warrior with the Air Warriors EZ Fire Blaster, a thrilling dart blaster that offers uncompromised fun and high-powered action with our new EZ Shot technology. This innovative blaster is designed to satisfy the adventurous spirit in children aged 6 and above.

The EZ pull lever reduces the force required to power the dart blaster by 50%. Key to its appeal, this makes it easier than ever to blast a dart. The EZ Pull Slam Fire feature delivers rapid-blasting action at your fingertips. With a simple, intuitive motion, you can unleash a barrage of darts on your opponents, keeping the thrill of the game alive.

The Air Warriors EZ Fire Blaster does not just deliver quantity; it also guarantees quality. The blaster can blast darts up to an impressive distance of 80 feet, making it a formidable tool in your arsenal. Whether it is a backyard battle or an indoor skirmish, this rifle ensures you are always at the top of your game.

This set comes packed with 28 new super-accurate Accu-Blast darts, specifically designed for accuracy and consistency. It includes two 14-count banana clips, ensuring that you are always ready for the next round. Simply take aim, let loose your darts, and watch them sail into the air accurately striking your target up to 80 feet away. These additional accessories significantly enhance the play experience, making every game unique and exciting.

The Air Warriors EZ Fire Blaster takes your dart-blasting fun to an unparalleled level! This innovative dart blaster does not require any batteries – just utilize the EZ pull lever and you are ready to launch your darts one after another up to 80 feet!

One Blaster, Two Modes of Play

  1. Regular
    1. Pull the lever handle all the way back and push it forward.
    2. Pull the trigger to launch a dart.
    3. Pull the lever handle all the way back and push it forward to load power for the next dart.
  2. Slam Fire
    1. Hold down the trigger while moving the lever handle back and forth.
    2. Each time the lever handle returns to the front it will blast.

Note: The dart blasting distance will vary with the force and speed of the slam fire handle’s motion. Ensure to pull and push the handle all the way for maximum range.

This toy is recommended for children 6 years of age and older. To avoid injuries, never modify parts of this dart blaster. The Air Warriors EZ Fire Blaster has been tested for quality and safety and designed for the most thrilling dart blasts ever. Always remember to wear protective glasses and practice safe dart blasting when using your EZ Fire Blaster.

Air Warriors EZ Fire Blaster at a glance:

  • EZ Shot technology dart blaster
  • Uses new super-accurate 28 Accu-Blast darts
  • Two modes of play regular and slam fire
  • Blast darts up to 80 feet
  • Includes blaster, 28 Accu-Blast darts and two 14-count banana clips
  • Ages 6 and above

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