Jaguar 2 Pack

Air Warriors Jaguar 2 Pack Blaster

Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Jaguar 2 Pack blaster set is two handheld dart blasters with automatic indexing dart clips. Fill the clips with darts and load them into the dart blasters; pull back the top handles and squeeze the triggers to launch your darts. The clips will advance so you’re set-up for your next target, up to 100 feet away. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older. Item includes 2 dart blasters and 12 long distance darts.

Air Warriors Jaguar 2 Pack Blaster at a glance:

  • Automatic indexing clips
  • Blasts darts up to 100 feet
  • Includes 2 dart blasters & 12 long distance darts
  • Ages 6+

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