41999 – Tactical Armory

Air Warriors Tactical Armory set has everything you need to win your battle. With the clip fed, handheld Revolution, you are ready for continuous blasting. Fill the clip with darts and load it into the blaster; pull back the top handle and squeeze the trigger to launch your dart and the clip will advance so you’re set-up for your next target, up to 100 feet away. You also get two Sentries that means double trouble for your opponents. This hand-held blaster has an automatic 2 dart barrel so there’s less reloading before you’re ready to hit your next target. Just load 2 darts into the barrel, pull back on the slide, then pull the trigger to hit your target up to 100 feet away. Item includes 3 dart blasters and 50 long distance darts. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

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