Clash Force Combo

Adventure Force Clash Force Combo is everything you need for an action-packed afternoon

The fun never stops with the most epic blaster combination to this day. Have your friends over, throw a blaster or two at them, and challenge them to the ultimate battle. Adventure Force Clash Force Combo is a 4-pack dart blaster set guaranteed to keep every group entertained for hours on end.

Adventure Force Clash Force Combo is larger than life.

Adventure Force Clash Force Combo provides a massive stockpile of dart blasters and darts for you and your friends. You get four handheld long-distance dart blasters that will blast your targets up to 100 feet away.

The two large dart blasters were designed to bring more power and strength than most dart blasters available on the market, so you can rest assured there is no arena you will leave defeated. And if you happen to need more power, we made sure there are two lightweight backups to pack the extra punch.

Designed with mobility and speed in mind

The two compact-sized dart blasters combine mobility and speed with 3-dart auto-advancing barrels, which means you can hit up to three targets without having to worry about reloading. Just pull back on the clips, then pull the triggers to hit your bullseyes. Let your opponents worry about hiding and reloading while you release a storm of darts on them.

Adventure Force Clash Force Combo is ready for use right out of the box

Nothing is worse than spending a few hours learning how to use a dart blaster right after getting it out of the box. That is why we made sure even a child can use our dart blasters right out of the box. The two larger dart blasters are easy and intuitive to use and a thrill for adults and children.

Just load the darts of your choice into the barrels, pull back on the slides to load your power, and pull the triggers to launch your darts. Pulling the triggers also automatically advances the next darts, so you are ready to hit your next set of targets.

Go ahead, turn any place into the ultimate arena and forget about looking for blasted darts. Adventure Force Clash Force Combo comes with plenty of darts. In fact, whether you are practicing on your own or playing with a friend, we wanted to make sure you never run out of darts, so we included 20 long-distance darts. Our darts are made of soft foam to ensure perfect safety and the longest range.

Recommended for children 8 years of age and older. Item includes 4 dart blasters and 20 long-distance darts. To avoid injuries, never modify darts or parts of the blaster. The foam dart is made of high-quality soft foam, tested for quality and safety, and designed for the longest blasts ever, but should not be shot in the face without wearing protective glasses.

Adventure Force Clash Force Combo at a glance:

  • 4 pack dart blaster set: 2 compact and 2 large dart blasters
  • Auto advancing barrels
  • Shoots darts up to 100 feet
  • Includes 20 long-distance darts

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