Meet Adventure Force Triggerfire – Rapid-fire dart blaster like no other!

Get ready for an action-packed mission with Adventure Force Triggerfire. This powerful rapid-fire dart blaster delivers non-stop elite performance to battles where speed and mobility are mission-critical.

Don’t let constant reloading make you lose your tactical advantage. Instead, one-up your opponents with the auto-advancing 30-dart drum that allows for continuous dart blasting action without having to worry about reloading. And the detachable scope will help you perfect your aim in no time.

Get the action going with the easy-to-prime, quick-to-fire dart blaster

Adventure Force Triggerfire has a barrel designed for quick and easy loading that can hold up to 30 darts, so you can blast all 30 of them in one go without having to reload. Install dart drum onto blaster and slide the scope onto the rail at top of the blaster. Insert the darts, aim, and pull the trigger. Easy to load, easy to blast, even for a little child! Your opponents won’t know what hit them.

Blast fast with Adventure Force Triggerfire

Adventure Force Triggerfire allows for rapid-fire dart blasting in one step. Just pull the trigger to load the power and blast your dart. With these two features, you will be able to hit your targets much faster. The long-distance darts and detachable scope help you to hit your targets up to 80 feet away. Outblast and outlast with the revolutionary design that maximizes speed and capacity, so you can spend more time playing and less time reloading.

Unleash a nonstop stream of darts and level up your blasting game!

Adventure Force Triggerfire is the best blaster for pros like you looking for the next level in performance, design, and rapid dart blasting: blast a rapid-fire dart storm at targets with the handle’s trigger fire action feature. Unleash a nonstop stream of darts by holding down the handle trigger and advancing the barrel.

Experience the thrill, power, and adrenaline of Adventure Force Triggerfire. It includes a scope that you can attach and detach from the dart blaster to help you line up your blasts and hit every target every time. 30 long-distance darts were built with distance in mind, and they were tested and certified for unparalleled performance and durability with flexible, hollow tips. Crush the opponents with a ruthless storm of darts!

Take command of the field

Turn your home or your backyard into an arena with the ultimate rapid-fire dart blaster that can provide hours or even an afternoon of entertainment packed with action and infused with adrenaline.

  • Install dart drum onto blaster and slide the scope onto the rail at top of the blaster.
  • Insert 30 darts to the dart drum, aim, and pull the handle grip backward to load power and advance the dart drum at the same time.
  • A dart will blast when the handle grip is about to reach the end of its moving path.
  • Release the grip and pull again to blast another dart.

Recommended for children eight years of age and older. Item includes dart blaster, 30 long-distance darts, dart drum, and detachable scope.

This blaster is recommended for children 8 years of age and older. To avoid injuries, never modify darts or parts of the blaster. The foam dart is made of high-quality soft foam, tested for quality and safety, and designed for the longest blasts ever, but should not be shot in the face without wearing protective glasses.

Adventure Force Triggerfire at a glance:

  • Rapid-fire dart blaster
  • Pull the trigger to charge and blast a dart
  • Auto-advancing 30 dart drum
  • Comes with detachable scope
  • Blasts darts up to 80 feet
  • Includes 30 long-distance darts

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