Light Up Sword

Become a legendary samurai with Adventure Force Light Up Sword!

Light up the room with every tap of the powerful Adventure Force Light Up Sword and become a legendary samurai. Adventure Force Light Up Sword is a soft, foam sword that lights up when you tap it or hit anything with it. The light will bring the sword to life for 1-2 seconds before you tap it again.

A sword as resilient as you

Don’t be afraid to swing it. We dare you! We pay a lot of attention to the design and build of each sword to make sure it is durable and safe. So durable, in fact, that you will have hours of play without having to worry about breaking your sword. Whether indoor or outdoor play, Adventure Force Light Up Sword is guaranteed to turn into an unforgettable experience packed with adrenaline and excitement.

Get even more out of your sword!

More swords, more fun? Absolutely! Each sword packs a special connector at the bottom of the handle, which makes connecting swords easy. Double the swords, double the fun! To make sure Adventure Force Light Up Sword stands out even in broad daylight, we used only the industry-leading LED lights in the blades that can light up even the lightest of nights.

Adventure Force Light Up Sword matches your mood

The sword is available in multiple colors, so you can make sure you are carrying the right sword regardless of the occasion or the mood you are in. Adventure Force Light Up Sword is one of the best party favors. Whether you are having friends over for a movie night, a birthday party, or a sleepover, hand out colorful swords and watch the sword games begin.

Unforgettable designs to match your game style!

You are sure to win your next sword game with the Adventure Force Light Up Sword. Inspired by the medieval and renaissance era, we designed a series of swords that create an immersive world every time you slash or thrust at the target. You can mix and match them or team up with your friends into groups of samurai and knights.

Turn your backyard into the ultimate swording arena. Challenge your opponent to a duel and never lose with Adventure Force Light Up Sword. Each sword measures 25 inches, and they create a stunning ambiance that brings lots of joy to kids and grownups alike! And the best part – its LED lighting can still be clearly seen in the normal room light condition.

Packaging includes a sword with a sturdy foam handle and a light-up foam blade. It is recommended for children four years of age and older.

Adventure Force Light Up Sword at a glance:

  • Tap on any surface, and the sword lights up
  • TRY ME! batteries included
  • Connector handles allow you to make a double-sided sword
  • Soft foam sword for dueling fun
  • Durable and safe for indoor and outdoor play
  • Assorted colors and styles
  • Includes a sword with a sturdy foam handle and blade
  • Ages 4+

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