Battle Blazer

Adventure Force Battle Blazer delivers pro performance right out of the box

There are dart blasters, and then there is Adventure Force Battle Blazer – the instant favorite of every champion. With its impressive design and adjustable belt, it’s no wonder that Adventure Force Battle Blazer became the must-have dart blaster of the year.

Whether you are practicing on your own or want to join a dart blaster game with your friends, Adventure Force Battle Blazer is guaranteed to leave an unforgettable impression. Fill the 12 round dart belt with darts and load it into the blaster; pull back the top handle and squeeze the trigger to launch your dart up to 80 feet. Your opponents will never know what hit them.

Adventure Force Battle Blazer lets you play by your own rules.

Adventure Force Battle Blazer was designed to help you win every battle and mission with its tactical performance, flexibility, and absolute precision! No matter what type of campaign you are waging – be it a stealth mission or a right-out dart storm – you are guaranteed to dominate every arena.

Adventure Force Battle Blazer allows for continuous dart blasting action with the included 12-round dart belt that will keep you in the action longer. The dart belt is adjustable for various lengths so you can customize your round size. This means you finally get a blaster that matches your perfect strategy instead of cramping your style with its limitations. And if you happen to run out of darts, simply detach your belt, refill it easily, and go back to the action!

Amazing light foam technology ensures next-level performance

We designed our darts to shoot farther, faster, and with more precision without affecting safety. Though made of soft foam, darts that come with Adventure Force Battle Blazer are firm enough to be blasted up to 80 feet, which will give you unmatched reach. And the best part is that both adults and kids will enjoy blasting them.

Bring your A-game wherever you are

Adventure Force Battle Blazer is the ideal gear for play in a variety of settings from the park or the beach to your living room and backyard! And the adjustable belt will ensure you have more time blasting away and less time hiding for cover just to reload and regain the advantage you worked on. After all, there is nothing worse than running out of darts just before winning the game.

Item includes dart blaster, 12 long-distance darts, and dart belt. This blaster is recommended for children 8 years of age and older. To avoid injuries, never modify darts or parts of the blaster. The foam dart is made of high-quality soft foam, tested for quality and safety, and designed for the longest blasts ever, but should not be shot in the face without wearing protective glasses.

Adventure Force Battle Blazer at a glance:

  • Easy to load dart belt blaster for continuous action
  • Blasts darts up to 80 feet
  • Includes blaster, 12 long-distance darts, and a 12 dart adjustable belt
  • Ages 8+

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