Let Adventure Force Crossbow propel your game to levels beyond this world.

Experience the adrenaline and excitement of a crossbow with Adventure Force Crossbow. Its arms and string capture the look and feel of a crossbow, guaranteeing hours of endless fun whether you decide to go to a beach, park, or play at home.

Adventure Force Crossbow redefines battles!

You no longer have to get up close to your opponent to ensure the perfect hit. This clip-fed dart blaster was designed with sneak attacks in mind. Just load the 10 count dart clip into your crossbow and aim with the battery-operated red dot scope.

Never miss your target again.

Adventure Force Crossbow was designed to impress and tested for durability, so feel free to pull back on the slide, steady your aim, and never miss your target. Adventure Force Crossbow comes with an electronic red dot scope that allows perfect aim every time. With the ability to blast up to 100 feet, you can blast your target from a great distance. Batteries are required for the scope to operate but not included.

Practice your aim, build your skills, and launch into action on your terms

Whether you just want to practice on your own or turn your backyard into the ultimate arena, Adventure Force Crossbow will help you bring your “A” game every time. Your opponents will not know what hit them, thanks to the Adventure Force Crossbow’s range of up to 100 feet, and the battery-operated red dot scope for pinpoint aiming.

Everyone will fall in love with it.

With its crossbow styling and battle-bright colors, Adventure Force Crossbow is the best companion for outdoor battles, bringing the thrill of crossbow action! It combines speed, distance, and mobility for the perfect tactical approach. It is guaranteed to turn even the most ordinary afternoon into an action-packed experience both kids and adults will never forget.

We pay particular attention to the design of every dart to ensure safety without compromising the range. Our darts are soft enough not to cause damage but still firm enough to be blasted up to 100 feet. Don’t forget to bring your Adventure Force Crossbow to the next trip to the park, beach, or a playdate, and the rest will follow.

This blaster is recommended for children 8 years of age and older. Item includes a crossbow, red dot scope, 20 long-distance darts, and two 10 count dart clips. To avoid injuries, never modify darts or parts of the blaster. The foam dart is made of high-quality soft foam, tested for quality and safety, and designed for the longest blasts ever, but should not be shot in the face without wearing protective glasses. Batteries required for scope are not included.

Adventure Force Crossbow at a glance:

  • Clip fed, crossbow dart blaster
  • Blasts darts to 100 feet
  • Battery-operated red dot scope for pinpoint aiming
  • The clip is interchangeable with all other clip dart blasters
  • Includes blaster, 20 long-distance darts, scope, and two 10 count dart clips
  • Batteries required
  • Ages 8+

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