Spiral Blast

Adventure Force Spiral Blast Water Blaster Packs Two Nozzles for Double the Fun

Are you looking for the best way to cool down on a hot summer day? An epic water fight will help you do just that. But in order to have an epic water fight, you need an epic water blaster. And we have the right blaster for you! Adventure Force Spiral Blast Water Blaster is the ultimate blaster with a twist. Literally.

Spiral Blast Water Blaster comes with a spiral built into the barrel and two nozzles that blast water in two spiral streams simultaneously for that memorable first impression. And the best part is that Spiral Blast Water Blaster guarantees long-distance blasting so you can move more freely and run faster without having to worry about your opponents running out of reach.

Safe and easy to use

We make sure to use only the highest-quality, non-toxic materials for our water blasters to ensure safety and avoid leakage. It’s easy to fill and easy to blast. It features a large water inlet hole and a high-capacity tank to make sure you never run out of water.

To start blasting, first, open the cap to fill the tank with clean water, then pull the pump handle all the way back to load water, then push forward to soak a target up to 34 feet away with two spiral streams of water. Your opponent will have no idea what hit them.

No pool party is complete without Spiral Blast Water Blaster

Spiral Blast Water Blaster is made of plastic and requires no batteries, which makes it great for parks, beaches, pool parties, and backyard fun. Colorful design and long-distance blasting make it an ideal gift or party favor that is bound to keep kids entertained the entire day.

Get ready for a fun-filled spring and summer

Families that play together stay together! Even the parents will love Spiral Blast Water Blaster thanks to its long-distance water blasting and exciting design. If it’s warm out there, enjoy the feeling of cool water on a hot, sweaty day with your kids in the pool or the backyard.

And if you are going on a vacation, take Spiral Blast Water Blaster with you everywhere you go. After all, you never know when you might end up challenged to a water fight. If you stay ready, you never have to get ready.

Parent’s best friend

Keep kids occupied with the ultimate water fight for some offline fun. Spiral Blast Water Blaster encourages healthy development through active play and improves coordination. The sturdy handle support allows children to hold tightly and provides good support.


Spiral Blast Water Blaster was tested for durability and safety but should not be aimed at the eyes or face. This item is recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

Spiral Blast Water Blast at a glance:

  • Non-slip handle for easy grip
  • Long-distance water blasting
  • Double-nozzle water blaster for double spiral streams
  • Blasts water up to 34 feet
  • Recommended for children 6 years of age and older

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