Dino Squirter

Have a Splashy Adventure with Play Day Dino Animal Squirter Water Blasters

The cutest, must-have toys are coming this spring. Play Day Dino Animal Squirter Water Blasters are the perfect toy for everyone looking for a way to cool down this spring and summer – because a giant water fight is the best way to do it.

Water blaster your friends will talk about for the rest of the summer

Kids love dinosaurs, and who could blame them! The realistic design of our water blasters allows you to have your very own dinosaur. Once the biggest, toughest creature to walk the earth, now the must-have for the hot weather that squirts water.

Designed to impress

Sure, every water blaster can blast water, but not all blasters are designed to open and close their mouths every time you press and release the trigger like our Dino water blaster. This makes the design so much more realistic and means that you can play with it even without water. And to make sure every Dino water blaster withstands even the roughest play, they are made of smooth, strong plastic.

Compact and lightweight

Play Day Dino water blasters are safe, light, and perfect to bring with you on every road trip and vacation. Though we made sure the design is compact, we did not want to sacrifice the range. Dino water blasters produce a squirt of water that shoots up to 25 feet away.

As a result, our water blasters are great for parks, beaches, and backyard fun; just fill, aim, and blast!

Parents love Play Day Dino water blasters

If you are having a pool party, a sleepover, a barbeque, or a birthday party in your backyard, you will definitely need a quick and fun way to keep the kids entertained. Not only will Dino water blasters keep everyone entertained for hours, but this outdoor toy encourages active play, fosters healthy development, and improves coordination.

The ideal party favor

Compared with other water blasters, Dino water blasters are lighter, easier to use, and safer for kids, so even preschoolers can quickly learn how to use them. We use only the highest-quality materials, which ensures that Dino water blaster is the ideal party favor.

Make a splash with the kids while cooling down, delight the kids at your next party with these water blasters, or bring them as a gift to the next birthday party. They are guaranteed to put the biggest smile on the birthday boy’s face.


Play Day Dino water blasters were tested for durability and safety but should not be aimed at the eyes or face. This item is recommended for children 4 years of age and older.

Play Day Dino Animal Squirter Water Blasters at a glance:

  • Realistic dinosaur design
  • The mouth opens and closes when you pull the trigger
  • Shoots up to 25 feet
  • Recommended for children 4 years of age and older
  • Tested for durability and safety

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