About Us

Power, Performance, Innovation and Fun…

Buzz Bee Toys provides the ultimate play experience with each toy we make.
From dart and water blasters to water toys, flying toys, junior sports and pogo, we are passionate about our portfolio of brands and are delighted to offer them to people all over the world.

Air Warriors, Water Warriors and Ruff Stuff are high quality, innovative products offered at reasonable prices. These brands deliver great performance and hours of play to kids of all ages. They are exciting, distinct in their own way, and focus on particular play patterns.

Air Warriors provides the ultimate dart play experience with each blaster in our arsenal. We give kids the power to blast to the last with our extensive and diverse line.

And because role play is an important part of the play pattern, we strive in our development process to give kids the most realistic and gratifying experience we can.

Consumers seek Buzz Bee Toys’ dart blasters enthusiastically because they know the quality and play are exceptional. Season after season, our consumers come back for more.

Water Warriors supply our consumers with the opportunity to drench their competition with our superior line of water blasters. We have a wide selection of products that extend beyond pool toys to massive water blasters that will saturate even the biggest of kids. Kids and enthusiasts alike want the stored energy and power that our air pressure water blasters afford

Ruff Stuff provides a variety of foam products that include different size sport balls to a line of realistic electronic guns that bring these toys to a higher level of role play than our competition.

Founded in 2002, our mission statement is to develop the best products at the best prices, all with on time delivery. Our Air Warriors, Water Warriors and Ruff Stuff brands reflect our mission and are well established and sought after in the US and around the globe.  Like our consumers, enthusiast web bloggers single out Buzz Bee Toys’ products as being among the very best in the market.

Buzz Bee Toys is committed to further developing innovative products and great toy experiences as well as continuing to build our brand presence by connecting more with our consumers through social media channels and our website. These marketing efforts and initiatives will further establish our brand awareness and reputation for quality, innovation, and great play.