Adventure Force Spiral Blast

Are you looking for the best way to cool down on a hot summer day? An epic water fight will help you do just that. Adventure Force Spiral Blast Water Blaster is the ultimate blaster with a twist. Literally.

Spiral Blast Water Blaster comes with a spiral built into the barrel and two nozzles that blast water in two spiral streams simultaneously for that memorable first impression. And the best part is that Spiral Blast Water Blaster guarantees long-distance blasting so you can move more freely and run faster without having to worry about your opponents running out of reach.

Air Warriors Mini Crossbow

Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Mini Crossbow Pistol takes dart blasting to a different level. This mini cross bow design allows you to play indoor or outdoor blasting your long distance darts up to 80 feet. Angle the bow; pull back the elastic tube so that it fits around the end piece; insert your dart; pull the launch tab; aim; and hit your target. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older. Item includes 1 blaster and 5 long distance darts.

The Walking Dead Andrea's Rifle

The Walking Dead Andrea’s Rifle by Buzz Bee Toys is your tactical weapon of choice when joining Rick Grimes and his team of hunters. The clip fed bolt action dart blaster comes with a detachable scope. And with the ability to blast up to 100 feet, you can take out the Walkers from a safe distance. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older. Includes dart blaster, scope, 8 long distance darts and an 8 count dart clip.

Air Warriors Compound BOW

Air Warriors Compound Bow dart blaster brings realistic bow action with the feel of archery with its moving cams. The bow opens to up to 21.5 inches tall. This rapid fire bow dart blaster launches darts instead of arrows for safe fun. Load your darts, get steady… aim in your target in the detachable scope… pull back the string and blast a dart. Item includes dart blaster bow, flip clip, 20 long distance darts and scope. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

Adventure force Triggerfire

Meet Adventure Force Triggerfire – Rapid-fire dart blaster like no other! Get ready for an action-packed mission with Adventure Force Triggerfire. This powerful rapid-fire dart blaster delivers non-stop elite performance to battles where speed and mobility are mission-critical. Recommended for children eight years of age and older. Item includes dart blaster, 30 long-distance darts, dart drum, and detachable scope.

Tsunami Drencher

Buzz Bee Toys provides the ultimate play experience with each toy we make.